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 Pollae - Elear en Rum'esti

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PostSubject: Pollae - Elear en Rum'esti   Pollae - Elear en Rum'esti I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 28, 2013 2:19 am

Name: Pollae Cla'lis

Age: 313  (appears early 30s)

Race: Wood Elf

Carries: A dagger, a small pouch full of various herbs and items, some currency just in case.

Scent: Sage

Dialect: Elven and common

Aura: A warm, friendly aura that can be described with a shade of light purple.

Distinct features: Heterochromia, tribal markings.

Born in a nomadic tribe of wood elves, Pollae was the daughter of a druidess and a hunter. Her life was pleasant and peaceful, doing what was expected of her as she learned her mother's way of healing and helping. The elf eventually grow up into a fine, young lady and would aid her mother in serving the people with their talent. For a good long while this would go one, accepting this as her way of life. But fate would have something else in mind for Pollae. One day, she and her mother were out collecting some herbal medicines for supply, Dark Hour set in and an abyssal fiend would attack the tribe wiping all of them out. Both the elven women were spared simply because they were away and found cover in a tiny cave. They buried the dead and gathered what they could before setting off, unsure of where to go.

They stuck to what they knew and roamed the land, just mother and daughter. Pollae and her mother lived this way for some time before her mother would pass, as she was already approaching the end of her long life. After burying her mother as well, Pollae decided that she would pursue her secret dream; to unite all the elves of the land to eventually a glorious kingdom. One of the things that bothered with her former tribe was that they were too reclusive and refused to interact with other elves, even if meant help or trade. Power came in numbers and the elves were diminishing from this realm, it was time that they united together into a new, diverse sovereign. Pollae traveled to this part of the lands, hoping to find more elves. While here, she also found old elven ruins from before their fall. Pollae intended to make it her new found home and sanctuary for whatever elves may join her cause. It would a slow but sure cause but Pollae knew it must be done, like the will of the Gods.
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Pollae - Elear en Rum'esti
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